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Our History

daylight Company Timeline

In 1990, Patrick Jacquelin discovered the daylight bulb on a trip abroad. Recognizing that natural daylight is the healthiest and more comfortable light for our eyes, he realised that this 'daylight simulation effect' could benefit thousands of individuals who need natural light for everyday tasks, or more specifically, for hobbies that involved intricate detail and colour matching. From this The daylight Company was created. Since then, the company has steadily grown and today we are the market-leading brand of speciality lighting technology for the hobby industry across Europe and we are well on our way to making daylight the No.1 brand for Craft Lighting.

Our aim is to bring daylight™ light indoors and give you the opportunity to get more out of your hobby or work. Now you can glue, stitch, paint, quilt, match colours of all materials - whatever your hobby involves - at any time of day or night and most importantly, for longer. Our lamps come supplied with a daylight bulb, these are perfect for detailed tasks where good clarity, colour matching and comfort are necessities.

The key to our success has been consumer focus - we listen, then develop and create. We take pride in taking time to listen to the needs and requirements of individuals with a passion for a variety of hobbies and pastimes. As a result we are confident that our thoroughly researched designs are the best, consumer-driven, hobby lighting products available. The vast majority of our lamps are unique; they are our own designs and are therefore not available elsewhere.

Our wide range ensures that whatever hobby you prefer and wherever you do it, there is a daylight lamp to suit your needs and increase your productivity and enjoyment! We have an extensive line of magnifying lamps, i.e. a lamp that combines - the excellent 'daylight' light source - but also high quality magnification, as well as task lamps and separate magnifiers. Our low heat/low energy bulbs are ideal for close-up work and perfect for use for long periods.

Our lamps and magnifiers are readily available and very affordable. We cater for all hobby activities - from hobbyists who prefer to work at home or in a workshop, to professionals, and those engaged in very specialised detailed work.